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Western Astrology


It has been believed for some time that the stars in the sky influence one's fate. When an individual is born, the location of the nine planets in the solar system as well as the moon continue to influence the individual throughout the person's life.

Astrology is one of the occult studies concerning the possible effects that the planets may have on human beings. At the moment a person is born, the planetary configurations in the universe related to the earth are unique to the individual. A chart that registers the positions of the nine planets and the moon at one's birth time is called a "horoscope". In theory, no two horoscopes are identical and therefore no two persons receive identical effects from the planets. According to astrology, it is possible to access one's character and forecast some events through the careful analysis of one's horoscope.


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Western Astrological Chart Form

If you are interested in your personal Western astrologic chart
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After I made your astro chart, I will contact you again with the results by e-mail. I do it FOR FREE so you don't have to pay me any money at all. It's a service I only do for my friends. So just give me your data and I will do the rest. All what's in the chart, is STRICTLY PERSONAL, so I will NEVER use it on the net. But remember, it's only a chart and you don't have to believe everything what's in it. Just compares the astrologic chart with your real character ... But be honest ... I know sometimes you will not see or admit a bad quality in your character but ask your husband, your wife, a member of the family or even a good friend to read your chart and they will tell you, there ARE a lot of truths in it.


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Chinese Astrology


The Chinese Calendar begins with 2637 B.C., the year which the legendary Emperor Huangdi supposedly invented it. This calendar designates years in cycles of 60. For example, 2000 is the 17th year in the 78th cycle.
It is important to note that the Chinese year does not begin on January 1st. The Chinese calendar is based on lunar cycles. The New Year occurs on the second New Moon following the Winter Solstice.
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The years in each cycle are designated by a word combination formed from 2 series of terms, one of which involves the name of 12 animals. These animals, in order they appear in the cycle are the rat, ox, tiger, hare (rabbit), dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig (boar).

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The Rat

rat Years of the Rat :
Jan 31/1900 - Feb 18/1901,
Feb 18/1912 - Feb 05/1913,
Feb 05/1924 - Jan 24/1925,
Jan 24/1936 - Feb 10/1937,
Feb 10/1948 - Jan 28/1949,
Jan 28/1960 - Feb 14/1961,
Feb 16/1972 - Feb 02/1973,
Feb 02/1984 - Feb 19/1985,
Feb 19/1996 - Feb 7/1997.

The sign of charm. A complex and contradictory creature. You are inquisitive, honest, ambitious and hard working. On the other hand, you're a terrible gossip and it can cost you your friends. Generous and an opportunist to the point of becoming ruthless. You are also a bit of a penny pincher, though your friends will always find you good for a loan. And if it's not repaid, you're good at hiding your anger. You are most comatible with people born in years onf the Ox, Dragon and Monkey, least comatible with Horse people.
Celebrities born in the Year of the Rat : Jimmy Carter, Albert Finney, Charlton Heston, Richard Nixon, Barbara Mandrell, Burt Reynolds, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Marlon Brando, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Vanessa Redgrave, Gene Kelly, George Bush, Adlai Stevenson, Maurice Chevalier, James Baldwin, Doris Day, Karim Aga Khan, Jules Vernes, George Sand, Yves St. Laurent, Pope John Paul, William Shakespear, Sidney Poitier, Mozart, Leo Tolstoy.

The Ox

ox Years of the Ox :
Feb 19/1901 - Feb 07/1902,
Feb 06/1913 - Jan 25/1914,
Jan 25/1925 - Feb 12/1926,
Feb 11/1937 - Jan 30/1938,
Jan 29/1949 - Feb 16/1950,
Feb 15/1961 - Feb 04/1962,
Feb 03/1973 - Jan 22/1974,
Feb 20/1985 - Feb 08/1986,
Feb 08/1997 - Jan 27/1998.

Bright, inspiring, logical, positive,easy going, dependable, trustworthy and possessing what can only be called True Grit. You should make an outstanding parent. Preoccupation, bordering on obsession, with security. You are blessed with patience, sharp wits and the ability to inspire confidence in others but you're also hot tempered, stubborn and quick to judge. You are good with your hands but unforgiving for any kind of failure. Highly intelligent individuals who don't take too kindly to being told what to do.
Compatible with Snake, Rat and Rooster. Avoid sheep! Celebrities born in the Year of the Ox : Margaret Thatcher, Jane Fonda, Shelley Long, Michael J. Fox, Teri Garr, Don Johnson, Ann Jillian, Paul Newman, Bill Cosby, Warren Beatty, Bruce Springsteen, Princess Diana, Billy Dee Williams Walt Disney, Emperor Hirohito, Gerald Ford, Carlo Ponti, Richard Burton, Archbishop Makarios, Dustin Hofman, Charlie Chaplin, Willy Brandt, Sammy Davis Jr., Melina Mercouri, Boris Spassky, Vincent Van Gogh, Peter Sellers, Adolf Hitler.

The Tiger

tiger Years of the Tiger :
Feb 08/1902 - Jan 28/1903,
Jan 26/1914 - Feb 13/1915,
Feb 13/1926 - Feb 01/1927,
Jan 31/1938 - Feb 18/1939,
Feb 17/1950 - Feb 05/1951,
Feb 05/1962 - Jan 24/1963,
Jan 23/1974 - Feb 10/1975,
Feb 09/1986 - Jan 28/1987,
Jan 28/1998 - Feb 15/1999.

Dynamic, energetic, competitive, assertive, charismatic, spontaneous, sensitive, thoughtful and very responsive to the needs of those closest to you. Possessing a short temper, streaks of stubborness, selfishness but also an agressive and courageous fighting spirit. You do not give your trust easily but once given, you consider it a sign of true freindship. You inspire respect but have a tendency to butt heads with your own authority figures. Compatible with horse, dragon and dog. conflicts with snake and monkey people.
Celebrities born in the Year of the Tiger : Joe Louis, Marilyn Monroe, Rush Limbaugh, Ed Sullivan, Tom Berenger, Tom Cruise, Queen Elizabeth II, Cybill Shepherd, Jodie Foster, Garth Brooks, David Cassidy, David Attenborough, Charles de Gaulle, Hugh Hefner, Ho Chi Minh, Princesse Anne, Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, Pierre Balmain, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Simon Bolivar, Diana Rigg.

The Rabbit or Hare

rabbit Years of the Rabbit or Hare :
Jan 29/1903 - Feb 15/1904,
Feb 14/1915 - Feb 02/1916,
Feb 02/1927 - Jan 22/1928,
Feb 19/1939 - Feb 07/1940,
Feb 06/1951 - Jan 26/1952,
Jan 25/1963 - Feb 12/1964,
Feb 11/1975 - Jan 30/1976,
Jan 29/1987 - Feb 16/1988,
Feb 16/1999 - Feb 04/2000.

You are blessed with wisdom, caution, grace, good taste, a silver tongue, talent, ambition and virtue. You are well liked, trusted and admired so much so that your services are sought as negotiators and diplomats . Pacifists at heart, Rabbit people will fight bravely and fiercely only when all peaceable solutions have been tried and failed. Elegant both physically and intellectually, Rabbits will always stand out from the crownd either as extremely stylish dressers or because they create and individualistic fashion statement of their own. Rabbit people are most compatible with sheep, dog and pig, lease with rats and roosters.
Celebrities born in the Year of the Rabbit : John Mellencamp, Lily Tomlin, Demi Moore, Bob Hope, Cary Grant, Kurt Russel, Phil Collins, John Cleese, Bob Geldof, Fidel Castro, Henry Miller, Franz de Voghel, David Rockefeller, David Frost, Harry Belafonte, Ingrid Bergman, Albert Einstein, King Loav V of Norway, Peter Falk, Joseph Stalin, Benjamin Spock, Orson Welles, Queen Victoria.

The Dragon

dragon Years of the Dragon :
Feb 16/1904 - Feb 03/1905,
Feb 03/1916 - Jan 22/1917,
Jan 23/1928 - Feb 09/1929,
Feb 08/1940 - Jan 26/1941,
Jan 27/1952 - Feb 13/1953,
Feb 13/1964 - Feb 01/1965,
Jan 31/1976 - Feb 17/1977,
Feb 17/1988 - Feb 05/1989,
Feb 05/2000 - Jan 23/2001.

You're honest, courageous, confident, flexible, accomodating, exotic and natural born leaders. Considered as a sign of nobility,luck, longevity and good fortune. Seemingly affable and agreeable, they can be as ferocious and dangerous as the mythical beast on whom the sign is based. When they sense treachery, they will destroy any opposition or emnity that might be in their way. Dragons possess a duality - capable of both good and evil. No matter what surprises, difficulties and hardships fate has in store for these people, Dragons will always land on their feet. Rats, Snakes, monkeys and roosters are most compatible with dragons.
Celebrities born in the Year of the Dragon : Roseanne, Al Pacino, Jackie Gleason, Ringo Starr, Martin Sheen, Kevin Costner, Tom Jones, John Lennon, Christopher Reeve, Kirk Douglas, King Constantine, Valerie Harper, Haile Selassie, Che Guevara, Edward Heath, Shirley Temple, Queen Margarethe II, Salvador Dali, Mae West, Walter Mondale, Bruce Lee, Jimmy Connors, Harold Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Ringo Star, Francisco Franco, St. Joan of Arc, Anthony Quinn.

The Snake

snake Years of the Snake :
Feb 04/1905 - Jan 24/1906,
Jan 23/1917 - Feb 10/1918,
Feb 10/1929 - Jan 29/1930,
Jan 27/1941 - Feb 14/1942,
Feb 14/1953 - Feb 02/1954,
Feb 02/1965 - Jan 20/1966,
Feb 18/1977 - Feb 06/1978,
Feb 06/1989 - Jan 26/1990,
Jan 24/2001 - Feb 11/2002.

Cautious, prudish, mysterious. The Snake is a sign of Wisdon. Snakes are not people who can be easily ignored. They possess a strong charismatic presence and charm which has been described as 'bewitching' or beguiling. You have a gift of making money but you're also rather reluctant to part with it. You are blessed with good looks and you know it. Vanity is one of your failings. The Snake's calculating natures will never forgive a slight and though it may seem that they have forgotten, they will wait patiently when their adversary is least expecting it and strike with one lethal blow. Snakes are most compatible with people born in the years of the ox and roosters, least compatible with tigers and pigs.
Celebrities born in the Year of the Snake : Frank Sinatra, Martin Luther King Jr., Marcia Clark, Barbara Walters, Kim Bassinger, Grace Kelly, Kathie Lee Gifford, John F. Kennedy, Brooke Shields, Jesse Jackson, Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Muhammed Ali, Picasso, Mao-Tsee Tung, Abraham Lincoln, Princess Grace of Monaco, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), Carole King, Edgar Alan Poe, Schubert, Ann-Margret, King Hassan of Morocco, Indira Gandhi, Henry Ford II, Brahms, Howard Hughes, Jacqueline Onassis, Greta Garbo, Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The Horse

horse Years of the Horse :
Jan 25/1906 - Feb 12/1907,
Feb 11/1918 - Jan 31/1919,
Jan 30/1930 - Feb 16/1931,
Feb 15/1942 - Feb 04/1943,
Feb 03/1954 - Jan 16/1955,
Jan 21/1966 - Feb 08/1967,
Feb 07/1978 - Jan 27/1979,
Jan 27/1990 - Feb 14/1991,
Feb 12/2002 - Jan 31/2003.

Strong, active, resourceful and confident, the Horse is also the sign of refinement and fervour. These people have masses of physical resources and they prefer to be kept busy and to be on the go where they are especially at their best. People born during the year of the Horse have a pleasant, amiable, easy-going disposition which guarantees popularity and a goodly following of friends. Despite their carefree outlook on life, they can be staunchly loyal to family and friends and in times of need, thoroughly responsible and dependable. On the negative side, you are impatient, short tempered and can tend to say inappropriate things. You're most compatible with tigers, dogs and sheep, least compatible with rats.
Celebrities born in the Year of the Horse : John Travolta, Janet Jackson, Ross Perot, Boris Yeltsin, Ann Landers, Dennis Quaid, Billy Graham, Barbara Streisand, Cindy Crawford, Clint Eastwood, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Nelson Mandela, Neil Armstrong, Rembrandt, Chris Evert, Theodore Roosevelt, Helmut Schmidt, Raquel Welsh, Roberto Rosselini, Duke of Windsor, Kurt Waldheim, Leonard Bernstein, Nikita Khrushchev.

The Sheep

sheep Years of the Sheep :
Feb 13/1907 - Feb 01/1908,
Feb 01/1919 - Feb 19/1920,
Feb 17/1931 - Feb