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I have met a lot of people on the net. So I have friends all over the world.


Some good advise : This is my motto on the net : "hear no evil, speak no evil, say no evil"
I will never tell anybody what I have heard from somebody else.
It's our secret so no backbites. This way, you will never get into troubles.

I establish that there are a lot of Americans on the net, I wonder why. Maybe because they are the biggest ? … hahaha … Another establishment is, there are a lot of American WOMEN … Hey don't they have to do the housekeeping anymore … LOL … poor husbands … Now they have to do all this … LOL … Hey, where are the men ? Re-unite men and push aside the women of the computer … remember guys, MEN rule the world !! Back to men's emancipation !!! … LOL


A big kiss and a hug for all my female chat friends !
A well-meant handshake for all my male chat friends !

Please don't pay attention on the place you are on this page. It is very difficult to make a classification of my friends and I will not do that either. So I will put my friends' nicknames in alphabetic order. You don't have to take the comments I give too serious. First of all I want to tell you I don't want to upset people with the comments. So keep smiling !


If there is no comment next to your nickname, be happy ... it could be worse ... LOL ! But wait till I know something more about you !

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Dancing FoxVlag CanadaVlag OntarioAAAAVanLi : Ontario - Canada
She is a Belgian too but she married a Canadian and lives in Canada now. She is a very funny woman with a good sense of humor. She sends a lot of Web page addresses to me which don't work. She also likes to send wrong addresses which go to a totally unimportant site for free jeans and so ... yeah great ... what is wrong with my jeans ??? ... hahaha ... Thanks a lot AAAAVanLi ... I know what to do ... She lives on a farm and has 4 horses and a colt of her own and she loves to do trail rides with a group of horses and riders. But the most important for her is not the ride but the party afterwards ... hahaha ... She loves her hubby and her kids. Reading and chatting on the net are two of her favorites (chatting more than reading). She loves the country life in general and country dancing.

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Duitse vlagAkki (aka m3213456): Germany - Europe
I met her on Westwood but I have lost her. It was good to meet an European on the net also. I have found her on ICQ and I hope she will authorize me again (if she is still using ICQ of course) so we can keep in touch with each other.

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Cowboyvlag SingaporeAlphaCoy : Singapore - Asia
He is a real nice and gentle man, an easy-going person with a good sense of humor. Never had "troubles" with him. I wonder if he also has a "Singapore restaurant" over there ... hahaha ... hey I like that food ! He loves to spend all his free time on the PC, surfing and chatting. He is always trying to keep people out of trouble ... yeah, he is really a friend ... and if he succeeds to get you out of it ... he is in ... LOL ... He is also into sports and his favorites are swimming and squash. His second life is soccer although he thinks he is too old to play it himself. So he watches the games on TV or he goes to the stadium near his house. He is also working on a homepage but he still has to finish it.

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ElectriekerArnie : Amsterdam - Netherlands - Europe
He works part-time as an electrician and the rest of the time he goes to school where he gets an extra training (for perfection his work) ... yeah right ... I hope he already knows something about electricity because otherwise it will not be safe to live in the house where he worked ... LOL ... We make a lot of jokes about Belgian and Dutchmen, one of us always tries to be the best ... but as a Belgian, I can tell you, "I am" ... LOL ... He loves soccer, computers and fishing. His favorite singer is Celine Dion and Close 2 you. He likes movies with action in it. His favorite series is Star Trek.

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