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vlag Amerikavlag New JerseyBmillion : New Jersey - USA
It was a chance meeting: I got an URL from a friend with all the servers of ICQ (check out her page to get all the ICQ servers). So I went to that URL and discovered it was only a part of a Homepage so I went to see the entire Homepage and saw it was of bmillion. It's a great looking Homepage, so don't hesitate to visit her's too (see URL address below), you will not regret it.
She's a real nice and sweet woman with lovely children and a great husband. She enjoys camping, going to the beach and basking in the sun, swimming, boating. She really loves her computer. She likes to play games on the net, you can find her at the "Internet Gaming Zone", she plays hearts with a good friend of her. She also likes to chat and her favorite place is at "The Palace" (another good internet chat program, a Virtual Place alike program). And another like, she can't live without her ICQ. For her, ICQ is the best way to meet new friends and communicate with people all around the world. She also loves Disney charactures. Hercules, the movie is one of her favorites and she has a big collection of Hercules dolls, plates, snowglobes, etc.. etc... And finally she hates sardines ... hahaha ... if that's all you hate bmillion !!! ... LOL

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Waing Mousevlag Amerikavlag OhioBounty2 : Ohio - USA
It's a pity, she has left the net. She loved to "kill" me with her words, and she had a lot of troubles with typing, so she always made new Bounty's words, I never heard before. Well I guess, there will not be a dictionary Bounty's - English ... LOL ... She will always be the "unknown" woman because she never wanted to tell me her real name ... I wonder why. Was I that mean to her ?... hahaha ... The waving mouse because, she left the net (waving good-bye) and she told me she wasn't tall at all, but I guess she is as cute and maybe also as gray (hair) as a mouse ... hahaha ...She keeps in touch with her friends by e-mail so from time to time, we all get the same e-mail from her.

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