Song = That's what friends are for (Dionne Warwick)

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vlag Amerikavlag CaliforniaISSy : California - USA
She is a real sweet and sensitive woman who loves to chat with others and to find some real good friends on the net, friends who she can trust. Aren't we all looking for such friends ? hahaha ... She's a good listener but as soon as she takes over, you can hardly stop her ... LOL ... well I like her that way too. She loves to make jokes and to laugh with others.

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saxvlag Amerikavlag North CarolinaLaDeeDah : North Carolina - USA
She's my youngest friend I guess. She likes to play volley ball, basketball, soccer, some tennis, run cross country sometimes and always track. She plays AND teaches piano, sings and plays keyboard in a band, play tenor sax in a school band. She's very active in a youth group as a leader and secretary. She hates to get mass messages on ICQ but she always send mass messages with e-mails ... hahaha ...

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ufovlag UKLaserQ : UK - Europe
He is a real Englishman, so a "gentleman". We haven't chatted a lot on the net but from time to time we send messages on ICQ to each other just to stay in touch. He is a vegetarian ... (well they have the "mad cow desease" in England that's maybe the reason why he is a vegetarian ... LOL ...). He likes computers, UFO's (which he has never seen, only when he drunk too much), Star Trek and chocolate ... well Belgian chocolate is the best, LaserQ !!!

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dogvlag AmerikaVlag IllinoisLori aka Jonesy : Illinois - USA
She loves dogs, she has a 10 month old chow chow (June 1998) named Samantha (Sam for short) that she's raising and she's her baby. She also has a black lab (Raven) and she is raising her for dog support. It's an organization that trains dogs to assist the handicapped. Raven will be with her for about 2 years and then they take her and train her to place with a person in need. There are 5 stages that she can be placed in. From helping people to walk, pull wheel chairs or down to just visiting patience in hospitals, or nursing homes etc ... now she lives in the house. They are a riot to watch sometimes ... LOL ... She likes to read good romance novels (her favorite is Danielle Steele), to watch good movies as there are : "Fried Green Tomato's", "Steal Magnolias", "The Horse Whisperer" and "Pretty Woman", She enjoys to collect cherished teddies. She used to roller skate. She likes good food (pizza), sweets (chocolate, cookies), salted tidbits (chips) ... well not necessarily together ... LOL ... She hates when people ask her what she looks like over the computer so there is no picture available of her ... well maybe have a look ... hahaha ... so if you see her on ICQ just ask her that question ... LOL

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