Song = Looney tunes


Where can you find a lot of moving (animated) GIF-files for your own Homepage ?

StarGood sites for GIF (animated) files

If you want to go to the site, just click the name

Animated Gif Finder
Animated Gif Artists Guild
Animated Gifs of E.C. Sull
Animation Arthouse
Animation City
Animation Factory
Animation Multiplex Theatre
Bill Gavin's Free Animated Icons
Clipart Connection
Danny's Little Collection of Animated Gifs
Dr. Fun
Dutchman's Top 150 Animated Gifs
Hilton Imaging
Java Scripts and GIF Animation
Kitty Roach's Animations
Roger's Animated Gif Collection
The best Animated Gifs
The Rainbow's End
Victorian Animated Gifs

If you know more good sites of animated GIF -files don't hesitate to contact me so I can add them in my Homepage as well.