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angelbanaanvlag Amerikavlag New JerseyTHREECPO : New Jersey - USA
She's my favorite chat friends. She is very special to me because she is a very sensitive and real understanding woman with a good sense of humor and she always makes time to listen to others (especially to me I guess). We have already had a lot of serious and humorous chats. She helps me to find information about CFS on the net, so she spends a lot of time on the net surfing for good and useful information. Therefor I chose the "Angel" as her picture. She does a lot for me. We have built up a nice friendship. When she is on vacation, she will not omit to send me a card and some pictures or even a package with some souvenirs in it !!! Wow ... great ... I really love to receive a lot of mail from all over the world. My son has created a special nickname for her, which I am not going to tell you. It's their secret but I know it ... hahaha ... Every day she jogs to keep fit, then she put on her headset with some good music and some sportsmanlike clothes and she starts to run in the neighbhood. Sometimes she takes the bike to make a trip with her lovely children. They try to conquer the highest mountain in their neighborhood, well in fact when she reaches the foot of the hill, she is already exhausted so she has to get off her bike and drags herself up to the top ... LOL ... She loves Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones and a lot of other singers and groups. She already went several times to concerts and she really loves it to hear them singing. She has a very close friend (woman) with who she does everything: shopping, traveling, going to beauty farms, concerts, ... Some of the neighbors call them twins because most of the time they are together. They hang on the phone every day to tell each other the latest news. She also likes her computer, although she often "struggles" with it, just like me ... hahaha ... She likes to sit near her pool to read a good book. She loves the summer and the heat of the sun but she also enjoys the winter when she doesn't have to go out. Than she sits by her fireplace with her dog Teddy. She loves children and that's why she works as a secretary in a school. She has more problems with the teachers than with the children ... LOL ... All the kids like her and especially when she has to stand in for one of the teachers. Than she tells stories to them and they all listen very attentively. She is a very good story-teller.

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kat en muisyankees-baseballplayeryankeesvlag Canadavlag OntarioTrouble99 : Ontario - Canada
The moving gif gives you a good impression of our chat (BTW ... I am that tall cat and Trouble99 is the little mouse ... hahaha ...). She is a woman who has already have a lot of nicknames because she always gets into trouble on the net. Although if you know her better, she is really a very nice friend with a lot of humor. She always wants to help you out if you have problems. She does a lot of charity works for people who need it. She has already sent me a lot of information about CFS. Her comments and replies can be as sharp as a knife, but when she likes you, she's really a good friend. She helped my son a lot when he went to Canada last summer. She is a real "Yankees" freak, I wonder why because she lives in Canada and the "Yankees" is an American baseball team. I guess there are a lot of good Canadian teams too. She likes European food as there are Italian, Greek, ... I bet she likes it because she hates to cook at home ... hahaha ... She sends animated greating cards which you can't open, she forget to enclose articles in her e-mails, she sends only some files of a program so you can't run it, ... well it's the intention that counts ... LOL ... She loves good music, she likes Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Placido Domingo, Aerosmith, ... She likes to go to concerts: Aerosmith was one of her favorite concerts. She also likes to watch old movies: James Cagney and Roy Schieder are one of her favorites actors. She likes to go to musicals when they come to Toronto. Besides bugging the shit out Pof her friends, she likes doing the "Xstitch" which she seems to have patience for, although she isn't a very patient person at all ... LOL ... She loves to surf on the net and she tries to learn more about that damn machine, she really wants to be decrowned as "Ms Computer Illiterate of the century"!


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tweetyvlag Canadavlag Ontario Tweety : Ontario - Canada
I met her on "LOL chat" ... she was the only one in that chat program who let me join the chat, all the others refused me, could it be they already knew the name MCAries .?. hahaha ... and maybe they were afraid of my name ... hahaha ... She became a very good friend of me and we had already a lot of long and late in the morning or should I say early in the morning chats ... hahaha ... She's a very funny and cute "lady", yep "lady" because she said to me I am a real "gentleman" ... humm ... nice to hear that of a woman ... hahaha ... I think she's the only one who read my entire Homepage in one day, because she already knows a lot of me, even things I forgot I wrote in my Homepage. She's a romantic type of a woman, she loves dinner by candle lights and sometimes she even puts candles next to her computer. That way she saves electricity ... LOL ... She enjoys good movies like action and romance movies. Her number one is "Titanic". She loves the outdoors, she built a cottage and she decorated and renovated it. It is her best get away during the summer. She loves camping and fishing (and guess what ... she already caught some like salted herrings, rollmops, fried fish, shrimp croquette, .... LOL ...) She loves the quietness of the wilderness. She also loves the silence .... the natural life out there ... there's less stress and she listens to the loons and the frogs at night. She loves home decorating and she enjoys reading home/garden magazines. At times she does like to sew/do crafts. She made her own curtains and her girls dresses and matching hats. Btw it was her husband who taught her how to sew ... hahaha ... She's always on the go rarely get bored. She loves to laugh and kid around and pull the odd stunt on someone ... hahaha ... She also likes, just as every women, to spend all the money, which the poor husband has earned, on shopping clothes and nice sweet things. She enjoys cooking, especially for company, so if she doesn't have company her hubby and kids won't get any food at all ... LOL ... And she dares to claim that she loves being with her wonderful family, which she is very fortunate to have. Her husband is very loving and supportive ... yes of course, he has to with such a wife ... ROFL ... and she has 2 lovely daughters with who she really has a great time. She enjoys trying out new recipes, she really loves Italian, Mexican and Chinese food. Like every women, she loves her computer and the chat programs ... She knows a lot of history, geography and French ... just ask her something and she will answer your question immediately even in different languages ... hahaha ... oh sorry Lilli ... I had to do this part ... hahaha ... Other interests are outdoors sports like baseball and tennis. Her favorite indoors sport is hockey, her favorite team is the "Montreal Canadians". She loves country, some of her favorites are Garth Brook and Shania Twain who lives in the same city as Lilli does. She still remembers her from high school. She has made some very nice exclusive pictures of Shania Twain too. She hates a lot of things, but I will keep it simple and tell you she hates Canadian winters. From time to time she smokes a cigarette and she hates that too ...

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Dasvlag Canadavlag New BrunswickURRDY : New Brunswick - Canada
She is the daughter of Hook50. She is on the net very often although she is most of the time at the University. Well I guess that's why she can chat so often because at home, she has to wait till her father is back home with the notebook ... hahaha ... She's a nice and very sweet girl. She brought the real Canadian country music in our house. Well, I must admit, it's nice music to put on while you are on the computer. Maybe I will buy a cowboy hat and some cowboy boots and dance on that music. She likes to laugh and she loves our world famous Belgian chocolates but who doesn't ? ... hahaha ...

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Katvlag Canadavlag OntarioYddik : Ontario - Canada
She loves her computer ... ??? ... Well everybody has his/her own preferences ... She enjoys chatting, reading good books, hockey (her biggest love), squash, ... I think she also likes cats. If you don't believe me, just go to her homepage, you will see what I mean, cats all over the place ... aarrgghh ... I HATE cats ... !!!

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