Song = That's what friends are for (Dionne Warwick)

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coffeevlag Canadavlag OntarioConcertmaster : Ontario - Canada
He's a male who enjoys chatting with others on Westwood Chat, computers, music, business, reading, and other things as well. He also enjoys going out for coffee and seeing some of his friends. He's very much into music and he plays 3 instruments. He loves business and hopes to work for a major US company (his key word is HOPE). He also loves computers and the internet, and chatting (you can find him in either "Coffee's on" or "Over 30's Lounge"). He loves coffee. He likes traveling to big cities and exploring the place and he tries to enjoy the good life as best contemporary. He hates perverts, both on and off the internet, chat lag, telemarketers, spending time in boring small towns, heavy metal music, people who are overly condescending.

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vlag Amerikavlag PennsylvaniaCookie : Pennsylvania - USA
She likes chatting with friends in "Virtual Place Excite" and "Westwood". Most of the time she is watching what they are saying on the net and from time to time she tries to separate them when it's getting too hot in a discussion. But if she is in a good mood, she picks on any man that happens to come into the Pub on Virtual Place. She loves to make crafts. She loves flowers and especially roses I guess. If you are not convinced, just go to her Homepage and find it out yourself.

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old ladyvlag AmerikaVlag KansasCookie : Kansas - USA
She likes chatting with friends, reading, and collecting cookie jars (= you store cookies in them to keep them fresh. They come in all kinds of shapes and characters) When she makes some cookies her grandchildren eat them all ... She loves to experiment with food. She works for the state of Kansas Dept. on Aging she works with people over 65 and she really loves them all.

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