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Mousevlag Canadavlag New BrunswickDollie1 : New Brunswick - Canada
She is very shy to talk to new people on the net but once she get to know them she loves to chat with them all. She used to have another nickname but I didn't know she had a new one so she kept me wondering who she really was. Finally I found out who Dollie1 really was. She got me real good ! That's why I took the jumped mouse as her picture. BTW her daughter Tess1 is sweeter and at least "honest" ... hahaha ... Well that's what I think !!... LOL ... She likes to read a good book, to cook, to go for a walk in the woods, to fish. She collects windchimes, bells, unicorns,and dolphins. She loves to tell jokes and to make people laugh. She likes ceaser salad, chicken fingers, seafood chowder ... She hates bake beans, hotdogs and balona. What the hell is all this "junk" food ? Don't you, Canadians, eat normal food like bread, meat, potatoes and vegetables ... LOL ... Well as long as it tastes good, it will be okay I guess ... hahaha ... Hey ... she makes her own bread and rolls which they don't last long she also gives homemade bread to people who likes it but don't make it. So guys ... order your fresh backed bread today at the Dollie's bakery !!! ... It's much better than in your department-store or your local shop !! ... can I get a tip for this clandestine advertising, Dollie1 ??? ... hahaha ...

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Away signvlag Amerikavlag New JerseyEshea : New Jersey - USA
She's a very good listener but she has one problem on the net, she is always "away" or "not available". That's why I took an "away" sign. It's very hard to catch her on the net although her name is most of the time on line (but marked with the famous words "away" or "not available"), sometimes a whole day ! So if you want to chat with her, you better make an appointment several weeks before you want to chat with her. She is a real nice and proud grandmother (I wonder how old she is ... hahaha ...) who loves her grandson very much, but which grandmom wouldn't ? She is the owner of the "coffee's on" chat room in Westwood since January 1997 and she is a real nice and good "hostess", you never have to wait for a cup of coffee, just sit down and there it is already. If you don't like coffee, you also can get other hot drinks, just look at the menu. She loves her PC, when it works, and wants to know more about it. She loves to chat and to make new friends on the net. She likes to travel and to go out for dinner. She can't go one single time to the same restaurant because she always makes a mess of it so she keeps looking for other restaurants where they haven't seen her before... LOL ... She's a real gambler, give her something to bet on and she'll take the bet ... She loves to dance; she steals the show on the dance floor ... a John Travolta dance type ... LOL her husband needs to take her away from the dance floor to go home to take care for her animals otherwise she keeps on dancing ... She has 2 cats and 2 dogs and she hopes to own a horse someday. One problem ... who will clean up after it ? ... Are there volunteers ? Just give her a call !!! She is a soccer and hockey mom ... attends all the games of her son ... Well I think she needs a good washing-machine ... LOL ...

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