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dansende kikkervlag Amerikavlag Kentuckyraindove : Kentucky - USA
She calls herself a real hillbilly (whatever that may be !) ... hahaha ... She used to be very shy and very sensitive but the last year, she has grown to be stronger. She loves her computer and all it's little quirks ... she has lost more files probably than most people on line but she always manages to find someone to harass to get them back. She loves to make people laugh if she can, and she usually puts on a big smile even when she is sad. She loves to tease and to make fun with others but she can take a joke too. Most of her cyber friends put up with all her silly bits of humor and wit. She likes to laugh a lot too and most of the time, she gets herself into troubles ... hahaha ... Maybe that's why she has so many nicknames! I know most of them (I guess) but I won't tell you them. Just try to find it out by yourself. She doesn't like hurting others and she tries in all ways to avoid that. If by chance she does hurt some one intentionally, it in turn hurts her and she dwells on that for a long time. She hates housework and shopping. She loves crocheting in the winter months. She is very proud of her 2 children : the oldest girl has a great sense of seeing things that others can't and is gifted with helping people by listening and she has an eye for color, the other girl is gifted in music, she plays the flute, guitar and keyboard. She was my first friend I met on the net. Well in fact it was my son who spoke to one of her daughters and so I got to know her.

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bierglasvlag AmerikaRhaven : (state unknown) - USA
He enjoys a good beer, so he needs to come to Belgium because we have a lot of "good" beers, even the best of the world ... hahaha ... and he likes laughing a lot. But the only thing he has to watch out for is his "work", he really works too much ... hahaha ...

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vikingvlag ZwedenRavenleft : Sweden -Europe
One of my European friends. He has a very nice, conveniently arranged and "polished" homepage on the URL address
. So if you have time and if you don't mind, go and visit it. He gave me some good advice for my homepage and he was so kind to share his euh ... "knowledge" ... hahaha ... with me. He prefers summers and hates winters, too cold for him but why the heck does he live in Sweden ? It's always cold in the winter over there. Maybe we can pool some money and buy him a warm coat or a central heating ... LOL ...He's a real computer specialist. You can always find him where there is some beer. He used to have 49 % but now he owns 50 % of the Murph's Pub on Virtual Place and he goes for 51 % so he can fire Murph ... LOL ... Remark : "These are his own words Murph not mine !!!!" Ravenleft loves Metallica and he is a big fan of StarWars ...

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vlag ZwedenRavenrite : Sweden - Europe
Another European friend. He is a real good friend of Ravenleft. So if you come into a chat room, watch out because there will be a Raven "left" and "right" (read "rite") of you ... and they like everything what glitters. He is easily confused but very intelligent ( of course he's a man ...). He likes motorcycles but I don't know if he is one of the real "Hell Angels". And of course he likes a good beer but he will not drink when he is on his motorcycle, it's very annoying with all the empty bottles, where does he have to leave them while he is driving ... hahaha ... He usually scares people to death in the summer when he drives his motorcycle. In winter he exchanges his motorcycle for his car because he also hates the cold winters in Sweden. He also has a homepage with a lot of links to other people.

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